The Early Days: Small Batch

The Early Days: Small Batch

Many of you may wonder exactly what it takes for the "Small Batch" roasts and why on earth they are so much money.  The reason is due to the amount of time it takes for me to get it then roast it and the cost for me to get it.  The small batch coffees are purchased, you guessed it, in very small batches.  These coffee are freshly harvested and are bought the week they arrive.  I then purchase only rare and unique coffees that are either organically grown or shade grown.  This is to encourage the further production of these types of coffees.  For more information about why shade grown or bird friendly is important, read the blog titles "shade grown and bird friendly coffees."

After all of this takes place, they are then roasted at a rate of a pound per hour.  Most coffees are roasted in anywhere between 30-250 pounds per hour.  

For this reason, Small Batch coffees are available in very limited quantities and are roasted to a very specific profile meant to exhibit the nuances of each bean type.  If you enjoy a great cup of coffee in the morning or even in the evening, small batch coffees are for you.

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