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Ethiopia Guji Natural-Allono Washing Station

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Whole Bean or Ground

When the soil is rich with a blanket of natural humus along the forest floor, coffee trees don’t need much to thrive and grow. This Organic Guji from the Allona Washing Station was grown organically across a large farm and multiple small outgrowers in the East Guji Zone at 2,000-2,150masl, where around 18,000 tons of coffee are produced each year.

  • FLAVOR: Blueberry, Cane Sugar, Rose, Lemon, Peach
  • BODY: Light
  • ACIDITY: Medium
  • PROCESS: Natural 

The Guji region came into the spotlight in the early 2000s when it was discovered that coffee from Guji exhibited unique and distinctive characters that set it apart from its Yirgacheffe and Sidamo neighbors. The landscape is semi-forest, and the coffee trees benefit from the natural canopy and the decomposing foliage debris. The variety of microclimates within Guji alone encourages the development of diverse flavor profiles that present beautifully as both filter and espresso coffee

Roasting Notes:

Roasted to a light to medium level with and emphasis on stretching the mallard phase to enhance sweetness.  Our goal with this coffee was to create an approachable entryway to more acidic coffees.  The longer middle phase of roasting will help round out the acidity by balancing it with jam like sweetness.