Tanzania Mbeya

Flavor Apricot, lemon-lime, honey, caramel, cola and black teaBody JuicyAcidity Bright
Region Mbeya Altitude 1400-2200

Approximately 770 farmers
Bourbon and Kent
December 2016
This community lot represents coffees from two farm cooperatives, Usongwe, which has approximately 520 farmer members, and Shiviwaka, with approximately 250 members. • The average size of these farmers’ farms is between 0.5 and 1.5 hectares (Basically, between 1 and 4 acres.) These producers are mostly subsistence farmers who rely on coffee production as their main income, though they also grow bananas, beans and maize and keep chickens, goats and cows. • The Mbeya region is known as the Southern Highlands, due to its altitude. It receives a plentiful rainfall, has an extended dry season and has fertile, deep red volcanic soils. • The lot was selected for its superior cupping profile. It has a green-tea-like flavor and a complex citric acidity that’s unique to that part of the country. The pre-shipment sample scored an 85.25.