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Tanzania Mbeya-Mamba Estate

Tanzania Mbeya-Mamba Estate

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Mimba Estate, located in Mbozi, Mbeya in Southwest Tanzania, was established in 1995 by Joseph Meila, a Swiss immigrant who arrived in Tanzania almost a decade earlier. Joseph initially planted about 100 hectares of Bourbon with some Kent on the land and has, over the past three decades, expanded production to cover the full 160 hectares of the farm. During harvest Mr. Joseph employs over 150 men and women from the surrounding community to assist with the production and processing of the coffee on the estate..

Details & Notes:

  • Flavors: Lime, Orange, Peach.
  • Variety: Bourbon, Kents
  • Process: Washed
  • Drying: Raised Drying Beds
  • Altitude: 1400-1700 masl (4101+ ft)

Roasting Notes:

Roasted to a light/medium roast. To achieve this, we kept our charge temperature slightly lower due to the medium-high elevation of the coffee and kept an eye on the progression of the roast. We quickly decreased the energy in the drum to dry the coffee patiently which would create the opportunity to really increase the body later in the roast. We found that the slightly longer roast made some really nice but slightly muted Citrus notes.  We chose to go a bit darker than a full light roast to tone down some of the acidity and help out with the body.  This coffee is not lacking in body naturally, but it arrived as one of our lower body coffees.  The slower roast profile helped achieve both desired sweetness and increased body. 

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