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Velocity Blend

Velocity Blend

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Huh? What's this about?

It's not only a blend of coffee, but also a blend of our passions.  Our founder, Mike, has always loved endurance motorsports and since we are located in an incredible race car based area (South Florida) it only made sense that we hang out at the races.  As fate would have it, one of our customers is none other than the infamous Marc Manning, a successful Racecar Engineer who has worked with some of the greats of motorsport over that last 40 years.  Mike and Marc got to talking and they came up with the idea behind Velocity Coffee.  

The plan was to help the teams and the drivers of the 12 hours of Sebring and the 24 hours of Daytona stay awake and alert.  A blend was developed and we started getting it to the teams and drivers during the end of the 2022 season.  Marc tasted hundreds of cups and began to distribute it to his contacts in the industry.  

 After feedback from the teams, we have decided to make it available online for you and them to order and enjoy.  

 A full list of teams that have used our coffees is on it way.  Fast!

About the coffee...finally.

This blend is one of our favorites. Its a South American coffee and an East African coffee.  The South American portion lends body and caramel to the coffee while the East African component gives a bit of jammy fruit character.

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