The Early Days: Buying More and More Part II

The Early Days: Buying More and More Part II

As I look back on blog posts from November, and the 25 pounds of green beans I bought, it reminds me how much The Roasted Record has grown since then.  Many of you may notice very little change on the website or not as much inventory as I had hoped, but the reality of growing a coffee business from the ground up requires a constant supply chain to allow some room for growth.  I have been working on securing retail agreements and wholesale vendors and am proud to say that The Roasted Record is currently providing local businesses and private country clubs with over 200 pounds per month of freshly roasted coffee from the Treasure Coast.

Since November, when I was struggling to sell 25 pounds a month, we have clearly grown quite a bit.  Even More exciting, this is just the beginning!  So hopefully I will be "buying more and more" even more! 

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