About The Roasted Record

The concept for The Roasted Record started on the front porch of our home with a small coffee roaster while listening to a vinyl record. From these humble beginnings we were fortunate enough to grow into a coffee roastery, cafe, and vinyl record store located in a renovated Mid-century modern beautiful Downtown Stuart, Florida.

Our plan from the beginning was simple; roast amazing coffee and offer great customer service. We figured that everything else would take take care of itself if we focused on those two things.

We regularly compete in national and international roasting competitions to help improve our craft and have won several medals along the way. The world of coffee is constantly evolving and we love the constant pursuit of a great cup of coffee.

As we grow, we remain committed to the origin of the company; to spread the joy of small batch coffee and the revival of vinyl records. We are small and have chosen to stay small so that we can continue to do things the old fashioned way, by hand, and for the sake of craftsmanship.

More on the story behind The Roasted Record

It all started with a small one pound home coffee roaster on our front porch listening to a vinyl record through the open window of our house.  The sounds and smells were as intoxicating as the Sierra Nevada Torpedo we were drinking.  The Roasted Record stated as an online blog to share the incredible experience.  As time passed, more coffee than we could consume was roasted to better learn the skill of coffee roasting.  As a result, we were giving coffee away to friends and family until they demanded that we sell it to them.  That was the beginning of Roasted Record, LLC in 2014.

Through Roaster Mike's other profession, as a PGA Golf Professional, we were able to make some contacts and pick up a few wholesale accounts.  The increased amount of roasting needed a bigger machine and a new location.  In 2017 we opened our first brick and mortar shop in downtown Stuart, Florida.  Space was available to make the roaster into a cafe as well as offer some vinyl records for sale.  Two years later, a building just down the road went on the market so we purchased and renovated it to its former 1950s mid-century modern glory.

Today the Roasted Record is quite possibly the country's only coffee roaster, coffee shop, and vinyl record store all in one! We offer a variety of drinks and baked goods as well as the opportunity to sit down, relax, and put on any one of our hundreds of used records that are for sale. We even carry a few turntables to get you started in the hobby.

Our coffee is roasted in-house by Roaster Mike on one of our two Diedrich Roasters, the large row which is for our standard production and the smaller one is for designing our competition roasts and our more exclusive "Craft and Competition" series which displays all the nuance of our international award winning roast profiles. We have over two dozen wholesale accounts and are served in cafes all over the state of Florida.

While we have grown considerably, our North Star is staying true to that fateful afternoon listening to an original pressing of U2's Joshua Tree, roasting on a Behmor 1600, while drinking a Sierra Nevada Torpedo. Selling coffee helps pay our bills, but our motivation is to share with everyone the joy of that day.

Meet the Team

Stef Hutton

General Manager & Owner

Known affectionately by our staff as "mom," Stef not only keeps the shop running, but also is the primary coffee taster and works with our roaster to develop our roast profiles and any custom blends that we do.

Favorite Coffee: Costa Rica Finca San Isidro

Favorite Album: Rumours, Fleetwood Mac 

Michael Mann

Roaster & Owner

In addition to being a PGA Golf Professional, Mike started roasting coffee as a hobby in 2014. Countless batches later and Mike now competes not only in golf, but also in national and international coffee roasting competitions.

Favorite Coffee: Edwin Norena Black Honey Sidra

Favorite album:  Radiohead- In Rainbows