Coffee Blends

Buy Gourmet Specialty Coffee Blends Online 

It's rare, but we blend coffees as well. And these are only available online!

Turntable Collection Specialty Coffee Blends

Our love for vinyl records is the theme for our 33, 45 and 78 blend (speeds of record players.). the 33 is our lightest roast, 45 the medium roast and the 78 is our darker full bodied roast. 

Best-Selling Velocity Coffee Blend by The Roasted Record

Our love for motorsports is a bit of a side hustle, but we spent a good amount of time with professional endurance racecar drivers to develop a blend to keep them and their teams awake and alert for the grueling length of endurance motor racing.  It was popular and people wanted it, so now they can get it on our website!