About Vinyl

About Vinyl

What's with the vinyl stuff?

The story of how we decided to have vinyl records as part of our company is in our origin story and placed on the back of our coffee bags for all to read.  But why vinyl?  Frankly it's because it is slow.  

In a world with everything available faster and faster, we seem to be losing the individuality and authenticity of everyday products.  We love vinyl because sometimes its a pain to get up and flip the record.   We love vinyl because it makes you listen to the whole album in most cases and in time, you tend to like the songs that you didn't buy the album for.  We have found that the liner notes are almost like a letter from the artist directly to you, telling you about how the songs were recorded or why, or what the significance is.  

Also, there is a collectibility factor in records.  You can't listen to the sing unless you have the record.  Not being able to have something immediately makes having that thing later on a bit more enjoyable.

I could sell you on a variety of reasons you should buy records from us or why our equipment is the best...(it is.). But the reason to try vinyl and to love vinyl is something for you to discover for yourself and fly your own conviction.  We have vinyl in our shop for a lot of reasons, but one of those reasons is so that you can enjoy vinyl records too! 


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