Coffee Lifestyle, Sourcing, Cupping

Coffee Lifestyle, Sourcing, Cupping

Why Coffee?

Probably because you are addicted to caffeine.  But otherwise, we love coffee because of the incredible journey it takes before it arrives in your daily cup.  We only roast and serve specialty grade coffee which means that our coffees are rated higher than commodity grade.  Specialty grade offers a variety of benefits over commodity grade, but one of the most important is the information on the origin and in some cases the farmers who produced it.  

If you are not aware, coffee is actually a cherry and the seed of that cherry is extracted, washed, dried, packaged, shipped, roasted, then offered for sale.  Along this line there are a plethora of variations in how it is picked, how it is sorted, how it is processed, how it is stored again, and all of that happens BEFORE we get our hands on it.   

Once we get it we have the option of roasting it in several different ways, but at the Roasted Record, we do our best to "get out of the bean's way" and let the coffee be what it already is.  We love the idea of each coffee being different and the roast profiles we design are carefully selected for each origin and each harvest year to match what we think is the best profile.  

The amount of effort that goes into each individual coffee bean is almost entirely done by hand and in most cases it is done with passion.  The coffees we buy are not from large companies or from large farms.  We source from small farm holders and specialize in uniquely processed coffees.  After all these years in the industry, we are as passionate as ever about the bean itself and the process it has gone through to get to us.  We are proud to be part of the incredible story of the coffee we serve. 

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