Coffee roasting competitions

Bronze Medal for Finca Idealist Pacas and Caturra Carbonic Maceration


Competition roasting is one of the pillars upon which we are built.  Covid put a hold on most coffee competitions, however, after a long break, we are back at it!

Coffee roasting competitions are held in a few different ways.  The US coffee Championships are the "National Championship" for coffee roasters and the last competition was held just before Covid.  We travelled to Nashville Tennessee to compete with a coffee that was supplied to each competitor and just missed out on qualifying for the finals of the National Championship!

2019 US coffee championships

The world's largest coffee roasting competition is the Golden Bean North America when competitors from Canada, the United States and Mexico submit a coffee of their choice to be blind tested, this past year in Ohio.  We have submitted coffee to the GBNA for they last two competitions winning two bronze medals in each competition for a total of four medals.  Most recently we won with two coffees that are available to buy int he cafe and online for a limited time (until they run out!). The first of which is the Edwin Norena Bourbon Sidra and the other is a Pacas and Caturra from Finca Idealista.  Both coffees are wildly exotic and were a home run at the competition.



We will continue to compete to keep our skill level high and to constantly keep ourselves in touch with all the newest processing methods, varieties, and people who are shaping the industry and moving it forward. 

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