The Poursteady Has Arrived!


Poursteady Roasted Record
@poursteady automated pour over machine allows us to design recipes and have them replicated perfectly every time. This is important for us as roasters because we use our pour over as a primary method to improve our roasting. This will not only make our pour overs more consistent, but allow me, the roaster, to fine tune the coffees I roast to match the water, the method and our clientele. We are super excited for this new addition as one of the primary reasons we opened a coffee shop was to share the eye opening experience of a great pour over within our area. We are continuing to fine tune the recipes and the roasts, but in the meantime, it's ready to go and making great coffee as is!

We were fortunate enough to be invited to serve our coffee at the Poursteady Booth at the 2022 Specialty Coffee Association Expo in Boston.  We poured our German Barbosa (Caturra and Bourbon, 96 hour experimental processing) and Jorge Correra (Red and Yellow Bourbon, Gesha and Tabi) much to the delight of the many coffee professionals that attended from around the globe!

Poursteady at Boston SCA

Roasted Record and Poursteady at SCA Boston

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