Edwin Norena - Black Honey Sidra | Black Honey Process Single-Origin Coffee Beans.

Edwin Norena - Black Honey Sidra | Black Honey Process Single-Origin Coffee Beans

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Black Honey Sidra

This Sidra from one of our favorite producers, Edwin Norena, hails from Quindio, Colombia and undergoes a complex processing method combining Carbonic Maceration and Black Honey processing. The Sidra Variety is traditionally sweet and medium bodied and this example is no exception!

Edwin Noreña stands as a prominent figure in Colombia's coffee industry, distinguished as an agro-industrial engineer, certified Q grader, and discerning Cup of Excellence judge. Renowned for his innovative approaches, Edwin's distinct processing methods enjoy global acclaim, with his coffees frequently gracing competition stages. This exquisite offering from Edwin epitomizes his role as a coffee virtuoso.

We are thrilled to present and savor Edwin's dedication in crafting an exceptionally smooth cup, boasting delightful notes of botanicals, blueberry, plum, and lavender.

Black Honey Process Specialty Coffee Beans

Presenting a captivating Sidra variety, Edwin introduces a strain initially cultivated in Ecuador, believed to trace its genetic lineage to African heirloom varietals. Harvested at optimal ripeness, the Sidra cherries undergo a meticulous process, beginning with a 5-hour soak followed by a 96-hour carbonic maceration phase. Subsequently, the cherries are depulped, retaining approximately 45% of their mucilage, and then placed in an anaerobic environment for 48 hours. Throughout this journey, the cherries are rejuvenated every 24 hours with fresh mossto, extracted from compressed cherries. Finally, the remaining cherry seeds undergo a 24-day sun-drying period on African beds, followed by an additional 8 days of stabilization in a warehouse to ensure optimal moisture levels.

Light Roast Coffee Beans Tasting Notes

Details & Notes

  • Varietal: Sidra
  • Flavors: Botanicals, Blackberry, Plum
  • Body: Light
  • Acidity: High
  • Process: Black Honey
  • Location: Quindío, Colombia
  • Elevation: 1550 - 1600 masl

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