Jose Giraldo - Café 1959 Scoby Kombucha Fermentation Process | Pink Bourbon Single Origin Coffee Beans.

Jose Giraldo - Café 1959 Scoby Kombucha Fermentation Process | Pink Bourbon Single Origin Coffee Beans

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Scoby Kombucha Fermentation Process Specialty Coffee Beans

Café 1959's José Giraldo presents a Pink Bourbon coffee processed using an innovative and experimental method called Scoby Kombucha Fermentation (SKF).

This distinctive process commences with the careful selection of ripe Pink Bourbon cherries, which are then placed in sealed tanks for a 12-hour anaerobic fermentation. Subsequently, the cherries are submerged in water, where José and his team introduce a continuous oxygen supply, akin to a fish tank, for a duration of 348 hours.

This continuous oxygenation breaks down the pectin in the coffee cherry, resulting in the formation of a Scoby-like layer of microorganisms on the surface. Following this, the cherries undergo sun drying, vacuum sealing, and a three-month aging process.

We are delighted to introduce this coffee, exuding tropical fruit aromatics and a tart sweetness reminiscent of Port Wine.

Light Roast Coffee Beans Tasting Notes

Details & Notes

  • Varietal: Pink Bourbon
  • Flavors: Watermelon, Honey, Mace, Rhubarb, Passionfruit
  • Body: Light
  • Process: Natural Scoby Kombucha Fermentation
  • Location: Huila, Colombia 
  • Elevation: 2,050 masl
  • Tasting Notes: Port Wine & Tropical Fruit Punch

José Giraldo & Café 1959

Café 1959, situated in Quindio, Colombia, has a rich history spanning five decades of participation in the coffee commodity market. As the third generation at the helm, José and his wife, Jimena, honor their heritage while embracing a forward-looking approach focused on creativity, innovation, and forging new paths.

Recognizing the need for change, they have decided to redefine their company's role within the coffee community by transitioning to the realm of Top Specialty Coffee. This shift underscores their belief in the power of transformation, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Breaking away from traditional coffee practices, they are committed to challenging norms and fostering a culture of perpetual evolution. Today, Café 1959 serves as a platform for developing solutions that meet the exacting standards of the finest roasters and importers worldwide.

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