Laderas Del Tapias - Natural Catiope | Single-Origin Coffee Beans From Colombia.

Laderas Del Tapias - Natural Catiope | Single-Origin Coffee Beans From Colombia

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Laderas Del Tapias - Catiope: Natural Process, Single-Origin Whole Bean Coffee

The Catiope Hybrid is a cross between the Castillo and Ethiopia Landrace varieties and Laderas Del Tapias was one of only two farms in Colombia to recieve this experimental hybrid. Grown at 2100 masl by producer Rodrigo Pelaez. A truly unique and rare coffee. 

Single-Origin Specialty Coffee

Details & Notes:

  • Flavors: Strawberry, Dates, Brown Sugar, Lemon
  • Body: Mellow honeydew & cashew 
  • Variety: Catiope
  • Process: Natural
  • Drying: Mechanical Silo Dryer
  • Country: Colombia
  • Altitude: 2,100 masl
  • Farm: Landeras del Tapais

About the Estate: Coffee Beans From Colombia

Laderas del Tapias Estate is divided into 4 different farming plots (Villa Ines, Buenos Aires, Puerto Rico, and Graciela). In addition to running his farm, Rodrigo is a dentist in a nearby city called Manizales, and he also writes a column about coffee in his local newspaper (La Patria).

Rodrigo Pelaez and Cereza Coffee first partnered in 2016 when Cereza Coffee founder, Joey Wein was living in Colombia. Our partnership coincided with the Colombian Coffee Federation changing its policies making it easier to export prolonged fermentations and natural process coffees. Rodrigo was just beginning experimental process trials, and he and Cereza Coffee embarked on the journey together. We began by experimenting with different processing parameters and methods, and we learned from a continuous feedback loop by cupping and sending samples to roasting partners in the US.

About the Natural Process Coffee Beans

In 2018, Cenicafé released a new experimental variety called Catiope. Catiope is a genetic hybrid created by crossing Ethiopian Heirloom and Colombian Castillo.

Laderas del Tapias was one of two farms in all of Colombia selected by the FNC to plant the new experimental variety.

Over the last 5 years Laderas del Tapias has been analyzing and evaluating the Catiope, and they have selected specific Catiope plants, based on phenotypes and cupping results, to cross bread and create even more elevated 2nd and 3rd generation Catiope hybrids.

In general, we have been experimenting for years with Laderas del Tapias. We have established parameters and a quantitative approach to processing naturals.

After only the ripest cherries are selected, the cherries are submerged in mountain spring water and the floaters are removed.

The cherries are then placed in mechanical silo dryers. The coffee is dried at temperatures less than 38 degrees Celsius in intervals over the course of about 2 weeks with strategic repose periods to ensure stability and even drying.

One of the unique benefits of the quantitative and mechanical approach to processing and drying this coffee is the high level of consistency and control.

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