Hi-Fi Espresso | Medium - Dark Roast Specialty Coffee Espresso Blend.

Hi-Fi Espresso | Medium - Dark Roast Specialty Coffee Espresso Blend

Whole Bean or Ground
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Whole Bean Coffee For Espresso & Drip Coffee 

The beans for this South American Signature is grown in rich soil that the natives call “Terra Roxa” or “Red Earth” and other factors such as consistent rains, high daytime temperatures, and dry winters combine to make the region ideal for producing coffee and perfect for our Hi-Fi Espresso Roast. 

South American Coffee 

Details & Notes:

  • Flavors: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Nuts
  • Body: Full Bodied and Creamy
  • Variety: Mondo Nuevo, Red and Yellow Catuai
  • Process: Natural
  • Drying: Mechanical Dryer
  • Altitude: 915 masl (3001 ft)

Roasting Notes:

Charge temperature is fairly low for this coffee and the goal of the roast is to stretch out the drying and Maillard phase. As a result, the development phase can be slightly less than 20% of total roast time.

While that bucks the trend for this type of bean, we have found this style to be immensely popular with our customers and one of the most user friendly coffees we have. It can be used as Espresso as we do in the cafe, or as a drip coffee or with a full immersion style of brewing.

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