Carlos Roldan Finca Siqeum - Bourbon, Caturra, & Marsellesa Washed Process Blend Coffee Beans.

Carlos Roldan Finca Siqeum - Bourbon, Caturra, & Marsellesa Washed Process Blend Coffee Beans

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Washed Process Specialty Coffee Beans

The washed process is renowned for its ability to produce coffees characterized by vibrant acidity, distinct flavor clarity, and a pristine cup profile. It's particularly favored in regions where water resources are abundant, and stringent quality control measures are essential.

Medium Roast Coffee Beans Tasting Notes

Details & Notes

  • Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon, Marsellesa
  • Flavors: Milk Chocolate, Almond, Tamarind
  • Body: Medium
  • Process: Washed
  • Location: Fraijanes, Guatemala 
  • Elevation: 1500-1700 masl

Carlos Roldan & Finca Siqeum

Behind Finca Siquem stands the Roldan family, whose roots trace back to its founding in 1921, though it suffered neglect for generations. In 2018, a rejuvenation effort spearheaded by the Roldans breathed new life into the farm, prioritizing specialty coffee production. They expanded the coffee plantation, constructed an artificial lagoon, and made a conscious decision to conserve a portion of the land with native trees.

Since its revitalization, Finca Siquem has been dedicated to producing specialty coffees. Seeking guidance from agronomical engineers and receiving support from the National Coffee Association (ANACAFE), they embarked on a journey of soil analysis and customized soil reconditioning.

Situated in Guatemala, Finca Siquem commands 355 acres, with the Roldan family keenly attuned to the climatic nuances of their region. Their revival efforts included extensive replanting of coffee trees, the creation of an artificial lagoon, establishment of a water treatment facility, and a commitment to preserving native vegetation.

Among Siquem's offerings, the Estate Blend shines for its unwavering consistency and traceability across harvests. Crafted exclusively from high-altitude beans, it embodies the farm's dedication to excellence.

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