Juan Puerta - Sens Coffee Peach Osmotic Dehydration Process | Single Origin Coffee Beans.

Juan Puerta - Sens Coffee Peach Osmotic Dehydration Process | Single Origin Coffee Beans

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Peach Osmotic Dehydration Process Specialty Coffee Beans

Employing Peach Osmotic Dehydration, Juan introduced peaches and single-chain sugars post-dry fermentation and honey processing, meticulously monitoring sugar levels to elevate the coffee's profile.

Juan's latest creation involved co-fermenting coffee with peaches. After hand-selecting coffee cherries, they underwent washing before being sealed in tanks for 12 hours, forming a luscious liquid slurry known as mosto. This mosto was then combined with peaches and glucose syrup, reintroduced into the tanks for continued fermentation. Upon completion, the coffee was drained and rapidly dried to halt fermentation, followed by honey processing to retain some mucilage on the parchment.

The resulting complex coffee reveals pronounced peach notes, intriguing hints of pepper and florals, and a delightful interplay between citrus and tropical flavors as it cools.

The result is truly remarkable and a testament to Juan's ingenuity.

Light Roast Coffee Beans Tasting Notes

Details & Notes

  • Varietal: Castillo
  • Flavors: Peach, Peach Flavored Things, & Peach. Did we mention Peach?
  • Body: Light
  • Process: Peach Osmotic Anaerobic Honeyed
  • Location: Quindio, Colombia 
  • Elevation: 1386 masl
  • Tasting Notes: Peach, pink peppercorn, spicy florals, intensely sweet and aromatic, complex and changing as cools and some more peach.

Juan Puerta & Sens Coffee

Juan Puerta, a food engineer renowned for his innovative microlot processing techniques, brings technical expertise to enhance the quality of his unique coffees. Inspired by his passion for pushing processing boundaries, he established his own coffee company, "Sens Coffee," and began seeking partnerships.

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