Finca Probando Ideas - Catuiai Honey Process | Single-Origin Coffee Beans.

Finca Probando Ideas - Catuiai Honey Process | Single-Origin Coffee Beans

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Honey Process Specialty Coffee Beans

Jose and the Finca Probando Ideas team meticulously pick only the ripest cherries, then immerse them in water to separate out lower density ones that float. After approximately 5 minutes, the higher density and superior quality coffee cherries are retained.

Following this, the cherries undergo depulping and are subsequently sorted using a metal screen, ensuring consistency and quality. The coffee, along with its mucilage, undergoes a 48-hour fermentation period. After fermentation, the coffee is washed and subjected to another round of density-based sorting in a water channel called a correteo, adding another layer of quality control.

The final stage involves drying the coffee on a patio, where it is regularly shifted every hour during daylight hours to ensure even drying. This drying process spans approximately 20 to 30 days until the coffee reaches an optimal humidity level of 11%.

Light Roast Coffee Beans Tasting Notes

Details & Notes

  • Varietal: Catuiai
  • Flavors: Almond, Milk Chocolate
  • Body: Medium
  • Process: Honey
  • Location: La Paz, Honduras
  • Elevation: 1450 masl

José Guevara & Finca Probando Ideas

José's journey into coffee cultivation and production is rooted in the legacy of his pioneering parents and grandparents in the industry. Today, he labors alongside his grandmother and two neighbors on the family farm. Together, they form the innovative group "Probando Ideas," aptly named for their commitment to experimentation and creativity. Fueled by their passion for coffee, they collaborate to brainstorm and implement novel approaches.

In his role as lead producer, José emphasizes the significance of varietals, crop maintenance, and coffee processing in achieving exceptional quality. Despite grappling with challenges such as climate change, coffee diseases, pests, and market volatility, José remains undeterred, driven by his determination and affection for coffee.

José's resilience shines through, evidenced by his perseverance despite losing a leg in an accident. Undeterred, he navigates the farm's rugged terrain with crutches, his dedication unwavering. To nurture plant health, the Probando Ideas team employs organic fertilizers and strategically plants trees for shade and crop diversity.

Embracing collaboration, the Probando Ideas team welcomes fellow farmers for training sessions and idea-sharing. Looking ahead, José dreams of expanding their operations with a larger wet mill and perhaps venturing into coffee roasting. Eager to continue learning and innovating, José remains steadfast in his pursuit of excellence.

With a preference for filtered black coffee, José indulges in ten cups daily, each sip fueling his passion and commitment to his craft.

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