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Edwin Norena- Bourbon Sidra *Competition Series*

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The first of our Competition Series coffees, this very exotic Bourbon Sidra variety produces some incredible fruity and floral notes.  We originally purchased a small (1000g) bag of this to test as a potential entry to the  2022 Golden Bean North America competition and decided we had to have more of it.  We have roasted it twice so far in production size batches (15 pounds) and the most recent roast was intentionally a bit quicker and hotter than the previous roast to increase the complexity of this amazing coffee.  This roast was completed on June 24th.  

We received 77 pounds of this coffee which will roast down to approximately 60 lbs of total coffee available to purchase. 

All bags are sold in whole bean only and are 12 oz (340g)


Farmer: Edwin Noreña

Farm: Campo Hermoso

Regions: Circasia, Quindío, Colombia

Process: Double Fermentation

First - low oxygen environment for 56 hours

Second - low oxygen fermentation for 48 more hours

Altitude: 1,550-1,600 meters

Varietal: Sidra Bourbon

Tasting Notes: Cherry Cordial, Honeysuckle, Lavender

Roast: Light-Medium (to 416.7* F in 11:27) 11.6% DTR