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Finca Idealista - Pacas and Caturra *Competition Series*

Finca Idealista - Pacas and Caturra *Competition Series*

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Finca Idealista Pacas and Caturra is the second of our Competition Series coffees, this incredible coffee is one of the best examples of Carbonic Maceration processing. For the uninitiated, Carbonic maceration and Anaerobic processing are similar as they are both put into tanks to isolate, and eventually create an oxygen free environment for different bacteria to ferment, rather than the traditional method of yeast fermentation.  Carbonic maceration differs from anaerobic in that the former keeps the cherry intact while adding them to the tank and anaerobic has the pulp removed from the cherry.  The result is a concentrated flavor that penetrates into the bean as it has no where to escape.

This coffee was purchased with the intent of entering it into the 2022 Golden Bean North America coffee roasting competition.  This particular roast profile and coffee won a bronze medal at that competition and we are excited to offer it to our customers.

We received 77 pounds of this coffee which will roast down to approximately 60 lbs of total coffee available to purchase. 

All bags are sold in whole bean only and are 12 oz (340g)

Details & Notes

  • Flavors: Rum, Raisin, Orange Peel, Green Apple
  • Farmer: Ben Weiner
  • Farm: Finca Idealista
  • Region: Tepeyac, Nicaragua
  • Process: Carbonic Maceration
  • Altitude: 1200 MASL
  • Varietal: Pacas and Caturra
  • Roast: Light-Medium (to 409 F in 11:27) 14.9% DTR
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